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Jolie's love of macarons began on her first trip to Paris. To satisfy her addiction for this beautiful French confection back in Melbourne, Jolie decided to make her own and let her family and friends taste her beautifully handcrafted macarons.  Rave reviews from her taste testers, gave Jolie the confidence to pursue her passion.   

 When Jolie is not making macarons, she's always thinking about creating the next new flavour combinations.  What sets Jolie's macarons apart from the commercially produced, is her focus on creating an intense flavour profile. Her philosophy is simple - to make delicious, profoundly flavoured macarons so that every time a customer tries a 'le petit jolie' macaron, they can taste what's in it.  To achieve this, Jolie uses free range eggs, real butter, jams made from scratch, homemade caramel, real vanilla beans and real fruit. 

All our macarons are handmade in Jolie's little home kitchen. Jolie is a self taught macaron baker and bakes using the French method. She grinds whole blanched almonds in house for freshness and beat eggwhites by hand for the meringue.  By heaps of practice, she has managed to master the macaronage by feel and sight.  


As Jolie uses real butter to make the buttercream fillings, her macarons must be stored in the fridge at all times until required.  We recommend taking the macarons out and leaving them at room temperature for a minimum of 15 minutes before consumption.

Macarons will keep well in an airtight container in the fridge for up to one week -if they last for that long that is!




Our macarons are 100% homemade with love
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